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 Code of Conduct

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PostSubject: Code of Conduct   Wed Sep 26, 2007 5:58 pm

The following rules are rules that must be followed. By breaking these rules, you break your oath to the regiment and action will be taken against those who wish to not follow them.

The most important rule. TEAMWORK!!! We will work together and follow the commanderís orders. This is not an option! The commander/captain has been trained in how to go into a battle and are well aware of how best to win battles. Do Not disobey a direct order

Each person has a specific role. This is decided when you become a member of this regiment. The three main roles are poccers, clearers and hunters. Each is as important as the other. To change from one role to another you must get permission from one of the commanders or council.

Without poccers you have little to no chance of winning any battle. Poccers are required to poc and sit. Your unit will decide whether you stay on your poc or try to go to another one. For example, tanks are best to poc then sit to protect it. This helps prevent warp medics being able to warp onto the poc. Should you have knells, they are best to go from poc to poc. Knells and wraiths are required for poccers. Other units are up to you. As a poccer your text should always be light purple.

Clearers are responsible for making sure the poccer is protected from attacks and also to clear the pocs when the enemy is trying to poc or re-poc. They can travel from poc-to-poc but they must protect both poccers and poc. They are not to go hunting for kills or run around the map. If there is no poccer fight on the poc. As a clearer your text should always be red.

Hunters job is to hunt and kill balls, arbs, sappers and nukers, etcÖ This is very important because without hunters are chance of winning lowers. Search the map but you should not fight wraiths, tanks, etc. Unless the map has been cleared. Banshees or ghasts are required for hunters. Other units are up to you. As a hunter your text should always be green.

Clearers should always follow and protect poccers. Hunters should always clear ports and hunt the map. We are here to win and we win as team or lose by individuals!!! What are you???

We know that this game can be at times very frustrating, but we do ask that you keep the cussing to a minimum. It takes away from the type of reputation we are trying to create. There is to be absolutely no cussing of fellow members. Respect people even though they are to stupid to respect you back.

There are only 3 places you should be when logged on to SG. Capital (B5), crater or following your leader. No one should fight outside the reg unless it is called. The purpose of joining a regiment is to work together and fight together. Do not jump into a fight and then call for help when you disobeyed a direct order, because we will not come.

The only units not allowed are Apps and shades. Get them and you will be kicked from reg. I donít care what your reason is donít get apps. Shades only if you are leveling to another unit.

Council members are the only ones with the ability to remove players from our regiment. It is a good idea to follow orders and not piss them off. Only 1 person leads the battles. The text for the caller will be gold. No one else should ever have gold but the caller. All captainís text will be blue. Lt. Capt. Text will be light blue.

There is to be absolutely no xp trading. If you are caught doing so you will be removed immediately and put on the reject list.

Commander RaiderNation

RaiderBabe, RaiderNation, CraZyMaFia, babyX, GGBanjo
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Code of Conduct
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