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 Welcome Letter

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PostSubject: Welcome Letter   Wed Sep 26, 2007 5:58 pm


Welcome to Juggernaut. We have formed this regiment to become one of the strongest divisionís on MP. We believe that all within this regiment are capable of learning, leading and winning. Those within the regiment will have a role to play, whether it is as a poccer, clearer or hunter. There will be guidelines that will be necessary to follow within our regiment. These guidelines will be stated and we strongly suggest that you find the role you want to play and stay with those units. We do understand that if you find that you donít like your role (clearer, poccer, or hunter) and want to change we require that you request this and discuss with one of the leaders to talk about what units and stats to go with.

Our goal, besides being the strongest regiment on MP, is to help all of our members become stronger and more of a threat when entering a battle. We find that teamwork is one of the most important factors in winning, and we will not tolerate those who decide to disobey direct orders. This is the most important rule. As a team we will work together to bring about more wins, experience and enjoyable playing. We will be a regiment that is called upon, not laughed at when entering a battle. Whether there are few or many on at one time, we will have the respect of other regiments, and our ability to work together will be a proven force to be reckoned with.

We welcome you again to Juggernaut. Please read The Code of Conduct this is very important. By working together, we know that we will be one of the most successful regiments on Shattered Galaxy.

Commander RaiderNation

RaiderBabe, RaiderNation, GGBanjo,
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Welcome Letter
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