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 Non- Payer Stats

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PostSubject: Non- Payer Stats   Tue Oct 02, 2007 2:35 pm

This is a post regarding a few of the best eduer non payer stats including the following:
Pick one of the three stats up above. I'd personally recommend 100-12-82-42

Always keep in mind that non payers get an xp curve that really hurts any gain in exp once a division hits lvl 50, and the curve only gets worse as more divisions hit 50 or go past 50. So remember it's best to lvl one set from each division that are the units you plan on keeping. For example, if you want to get two in infantry and want to sell a set from organic, make sure you max organic before buying up two sets in infantry. Also preventing a lead division from making lvl 50 can help you level other units faster. So if you have lvl 49 in infantry but 45 in all the others, neglect to use any infantry and try to lvl the other divisions quickly.

Non payers have a 10% damage reduction and this applies before armor reduces damage. However this does not apply to weapons or damage that is dealt with misc items such as grenades, self destruction, mines, or pig bombs. All damage dealt by all of these misc weapons are AP which means armor piercing

For the list below, anything within parenthesis () is an item or unit I do not recommend to get.
Complete list of misc damage dealers: Daeva's Grenades, Revenant's (Earthquake), Sapper Mines and (Self Destructs), (Spectre IRBMs), (Virus D-Kill), Albatrosses Alt-Mines, (Condor Fusion Storm), War Pigeon Carpet Bombs, Organic Acid Pods, and Quorg/Abomination (Earthquake).

Also another AP stuff that ignores the 10% damage rule is the self destruct that is given by any fallout reactor (a power stock).

complete list of ap

Main Units

Revnant- RECOMMENDED! Either use a cloak on the rev or use a more armored non cloak rev.
Sapper- RECOMMENDED! What you equip is up to you. ALWAYS equip mine remover. Great great unit.
Imps- Use cloak and superloader and DON'T use the tl 101 weapon since it deals 174 damage which will do null on those heavily armored units.

Arbalest- RECOMMENDED! Get either 10 with a redeye or just 11 since you'll have a 10% damage drawback.
Behemoth- . TL 101 laser weapon with H-Tyraloid. Decentfor poc sitting but is slow and not the most efficient for poc sitting (rev is much better). Remember that the damage output of moths is nearly half of revs.

Albatross- RECOMMENDED! What you design it as is up to you.
War Pigeon- RECOMMENDED! Don't use the normal bombs but use the PI-Afterburner with Crowfoot.
Hawk- Decent non reinc dogfighter.
Owl- Either use H-Intensity Afterburner or use the Tyraloid armor. Ok pr10 aa.
Phoenix- A decent eg air unit to clear the skies with enough damage, but as an eduer, quite paper.

Organic - note on organics, organic units are generally sub-par compared to most other units. If it is possible, it'd be best to sell organics once the division maxes out and get another set of units.
Kritsk- RECOMMENDED! Great victory map sitter/poccer and with high hp can take some damage as well. Not as end game worthy as your other units however.
Eris- After much deliberation, I've decided to put Eris in here. Though most people would shun the Oizys family, they make excellent hunters since they are faster than pelicans with a miniscule 1 sec cooldown. Use them for port patrolling or hunting ONLY.

Support Units
Ah one unit equipped in your squad can effectively swing the course of the battle. Here's a list of what you should use.

Mindwarp Spirit- Equip the best Mindwarp and crowfoot as well as cloak and the best sensor. DO NOT equip a weapon so now you can right click to Mindwarp an enemy. Use on jorias as they're your main target.

ShortCircuit Spirit- Exclusively to stats with 12+ clout! With 12 clout you can gain an extra mk to your spirit and equip the best Shortcircuit and Terminus Biodrive.

Liche- Equip the best IRBM defense and use it on any enemy phasers that will try to phase on poc. This shield if close enough will block all phasing attempts, including allies' so be aware of that. Can block nukes though that's not the very important part. Do not equip weapon as it'll give away your liche's position.

Redeye- Mmmmm nothing beats scanning the map and knowing where all their units are; or jamming their radar and annoying the heck out of the enemy. To be used with arbs too for their detecting ability.

Manta- Airborne detector, to use with arbs. Usually a redeye is always better than a manta anyways.

Ok in depth part on each statset I had recommended above and I'll only list Units that stand out differently from the other 2 stats especially support units.

Phoenix- With only 48 ma then the Phoenix will have less range.

Support Units- It'd be wise to use any support unit with sitters or to use a redeye with any hunter.

Sapper- 24 clout enables you to get faster and slightly tougher sappers. Speed is always good for sappers.

Behemoth, Phoenix, Arbalest, and War Pigeon- All of these three benefit with a little bit extra speed and toughness.

Support Spirit- Short Circuit spirits are essential if you were to go 24 clout. Could also include a Mind Warp spirit too. Use either spirit with sitters.

Support Redeye and Liche- Faster and stronger and that's it. Use redeye with sappers or gryphon and use liche with any sitter.


Revenant- Your energy isn't as good (as if it matters all that much)

Phoenix- Longer range but more paper.

Support Liche- Stronger and faster than the 6 clout stat

Support Spirit- YOU NEED SHORTCIRCUIT! If you don't get a short circuit spirit then the point of 12 clout is wasted. Get at least one, if not two, sc spirits.

adapted from igonnalose
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Non- Payer Stats
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